Texas Association of Business Endorses John Raney

In Austin, the Texas Association of Business is recognized as the voice for Texas business. TAB/BACPAC is endorsing pro-business State Representative John Raney (HD14) in the 2016 primary election because he is committed to economic growth. Raney has supported legislation which has kept our taxes low, a tight rein on the budget and also kept […]

The Manufacturers PAC of Texas (MPACT)/Association of Manufacturers (TAM) Endorse John Raney

The Manufacturers PAC of Texas (MPACT)/Association of Manufacturers (TAM), endorses State Representative John Raney for the 2016 primary election on March 1, 2016. “Manufacturing is a driving engine of the Texas economy and we proudly support candidates like John Raney (HD14) who consistently work to keep manufacturing strong and Texas competitive,” said Tony Bennett, president […]