Rep. Raney Amends Texas U.S. Congressional Map

Photo of U.S. Capital

In a coordinated effort with Senate and House Redistricting Chairs, Joan Huffman and Todd Hunter, State Representative John Raney (Bryan-College Station) was successful in amending Senate Bill 6, bringing Brazos County wholly within one congressional district, District 10, represented by Congressman Michael McCaul. State Representative Kyle Kacal, also representing Brazos County, strongly supported the effort and signed on as joint-author.

“Prior to my amendment, Brazos County was divided into two congressional districts – 69,070 constituents in the northwestern portion of Brazos County, including parts of Bryan in one and 164,779 constituents in another. It’s extremely important that our community is no longer divided and will benefit from strong, consistent congressional representation. I look forward to working with Congressman McCaul in serving our community,” said Rep. Raney.

On the current special session’s agenda, Redistricting is the process by which new congressional and state legislative district boundaries are drawn upon completion of the United States Census every 10 years. With over 4,000,000 new residents, Texas will gain two U.S. congressional seats.

Elected to serve House District 14 in 2011, Representative Raney is a proud sixth-generation Texan and is a life-long community member and small business owner in Bryan-College Station. He serves on the House Committees on Higher Education and Appropriations.

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