Life PAC Proudly Endorses State Representative John Raney

Life PAC is endorsing Texas State Representative John Raney (HD14) because of his proven history of supporting pro-life legislation and putting the issue above politics. Because of Mr. Raney’s proven support and excellent record, we are pleased to offer him our endorsement for the 2016 election. We appreciate all he does and has done for Life. Mr. Raney has stood for women and babies, and as a result, we are proud to stand for him!

In two sessions as your state representative, John Raney has voted to cut Planned Parenthood funding twice (even before those terrible videos came out), co-authored the bill that made it more difficult for minors to have abortions without their parents’ knowledge, and filed a bill that would make it easier to adopt orphaned embryos from fertility clinics. Raney supports organizations that provide counseling and alternative options for women such as the Texas Alliance for Life.

“I am very proud to receive the endorsement from LIFE PAC/Texans for Life,” said Raney. “My proven track record for supporting pro-life legislation also earned me the endorsement of Texas Alliance for Life. I am proud to stand on my record, and I hope you can stand with me in the fight to protect life!”