John Raney Legislative Agenda

In addition to my commitment to the large, state-wide issues before us, I have filed six bills so far.
HB 354 aims to improve the approval process for schools applying for a school zone. The bill allows for an appeal by a school district if their school zone is denied, and also allows charter schools to apply for school zones.
HB 355 will prevent registered sex offenders from living in college dorms. This common sense bill corrects an oversight in the Code of Criminal Procedure that currently prohibits registered sex offenders from living near schools and daycare facilities, by adding college dorms to the list.
HB 543 will protect the voice of the voters by requiring Texas members of the Electoral College to vote in accordance with the statewide popular vote.
HB 760 is designed to protect citizens’ private information from people who seek to commit identity theft through the Open Records Request process. This bill will give government offices the option to keep a person’s date of birth confidential, which is key to preventing identity fraud.
HB 785 reflects the Republican Party of Texas’ grassroots-adopted party platform to protect the lives of embryos. This bill requires informing parents who have received fertility therapies of the option to donate for adoption any unused embryos as an alternative to destruction.
HB 846 will prevent colleges and universities from adding additional fees and requirements for students who are veterans who plan to use their GI Bill to pay for school. This matter was brought to my attention by a constituent. I was surprised to learn these individuals were not getting their needs met. This bill will mirror laws already passed in Tennessee and Florida.

My staff and I are currently reviewing potential legislative proposals, some of which have come directly from you. I encourage you to stay involved and ask questions as direct citizen input only strengthens our state and nation.