Raney Encourages Constituents to participate in the Texas Red Tape Challenge

BRYAN, TX. State Representative John Raney (Bryan) joins State Representative Bill Callegari (Katy) in encouraging citizens of Texas to participate in the Texas Red Tape Challenge, a unique web-based project of the House Committee on Government Efficiency and Reform designed to enhance public participation in the policy-making process. “I am excited to participate in the Texas Red Tape Challenge and hope that my constituents take advantage of this unique opportunity to contribute to a better Texas,” Representative Raney stated.

The Texas Red Tape Challenge is a web-site that allows members of the public to offer their ideas on how to reduce the burden of state laws and regulations, or provide recommendations on how to make government work better. All members of the public are welcome to participate by offering their own ideas, or commenting on the recommendations made by others. This project is modeled after a similar program administered by the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom’s government.

The Challenge will focus on four subjects, including occupational licensing, public education mandates, state agency rulemaking, and manufacturing in Texas. Specific laws and regulations relating to each subject area will be introduced for the public’s consideration and comment.

For example, the initial occupational licensing regulations on the Texas Red Tape Challenge site include those for auctioneers, geoscientists, athletic trainers, court reporters, and stevedores. The Challenge also asks for ideas on various aspects of state rulemaking, including small business and environmental regulation impact statements, as well as the Texas Register and the rulemaking process.

Other specific laws and regulations relating to occupational licensing, as well as public school mandates and manufacturing, will be introduced on a rolling basis every two weeks.

The Texas Red Tape Challenge will run from July through October. In November, the Government Efficiency and Reform Committee will meet to formally consider the ideas and recommendations generated through the Challenge web-site. Those ideas that the Committee adopts will be included in its report to the 83rd Texas Legislature beginning in January 2013.

The Texas Red Tape Challenge may be accessed at www.texasredtapechallenge.com. Anyone is welcome to read the contents and comments on the site. Individuals wishing to offer their own ideas or comments on the Texas Red Tape Challenge must register with the site in order to participate.